C++ Introduction

What is C++?

  • C++ is a general-purpose high-level programming language.
  • C++ is the superset of the c programming language that supports both procedural and object oriented programming.
  • It also facilitates low level memory manipulation

Where is it used?

  •  Software infrastructure including desktop application, servers(Sql Servers, e-commerce), Telephone switches.
  •  Database management system, MYSQL which is a popular database management software.
  •  Some of the medical equipment like MRI machines use c++ for scripting.
  • Adobe photoshop, premier, illustrator which are in demand in the market right now make use of c++ for scripting.
  • Many of the operating systems like windows uses c++.
  • Most console games were designed using c++.
  • Languages like Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, perl, c# have Macros written in c or c++.

What is a programming language?

  •   Programming languages are the instructions given to the computer to communicate and perform an operation.

Computer languages are categorised into 3 types

  1. Machine Language: It is a low level programming language that can be directly understood by a computer without conversion. It consists of a string of 0’s and 1’s. Ex:Hardware
  2. Assembly Language :An assembly language is the most basic programming language available     for any processor. With assembly language, a programmer works only with operations that are implemented directly on the physical CPU.Ex:flight navigation system,device drivers,medical equipement etc.
  3. High Level Language(HLL): Refers to a computer programming language such as BASIC,C,C++ etc., which enables programmers to develop software. Ex: c++,java,c#

Where to write c++ code

  •  Since c++ is a high level language it is not understood by the computer and needs a compiler to execute the code.
  • There are many different compilers available which are compatible to c++ like turboc++, codeblocks, xcode etc.
  •  To get started install one of these softwares.

What does a compiler do

  •   A compiler is a program which reads each line of code and converts that into the machine-readable language or executable code.
  • The executable code may be a sequence of machine instructions that can be executed by the CPU directly
  •  It executes the code line by line and checks for errors. If found the errors are notified.

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